A Field of Tension – The labour market and immigration

Text: CHRISTOF WICKI, director of the Europa Forum Luzern

Photo: KKL Luzern
Photo: KKL Luzern
Open and flexible labour markets are the heart of a national economy. Switzerland has ideal conditions in this respect. Bilateral relations with the EU are a cornerstone of this. Unlimited immigration, on the other hand, meets political resistance. Brexit has done nothing to defuse this situation.

Christof Wicki, director of the Europa Forum Luzern.
Christof Wicki, director of the Europa Forum Luzern.
Since the mass immigration initiative was adopted, new uncertainties have emerged on the horizon for the Swiss economy. Depending on how it is implemented, entrepreneurship will face additional burdens – on top of the Swiss franc’s appreciation against the euro, which has already presented major challenges for many sectors. Added to this, the global economy is weakening, and if all this bad news wasn’t already enough, Brexit is making the current situation even worse. After all, there is still no clarification of how Britain’s bilateral relationship with the EU will look, and the outcome of this will be of defining importance for Switzerland’s future in Europe. Switzerland’s future as a business location depends largely on the Brexit fallout.
The Europa Forum Lucerne on November 14th will focus on the area of tension between the labour market and immigration. This meeting of business, academic and political leaders will discuss how Switzerland should respond to the unsettled situation. Among the questions under discussion are:

• What strategies and measures can businesses adopt to address the current field of tension between the labour market and immigration?
• How do other European companies with similar problems function?
• How can the business world cooperate with politicians to master this balancing act between open labour markets and regulated immigration – and what are the repercussions?
• How will the mass immigration initiative be implemented in practice?
• In the light of Brexit, what should we expect from our political leaders?

The Europa Forum:
For more than 20 years, the Europa Forum has engaged in strengthening Switzerland as a business location by fostering a constructive dialogue with Europe. The Europa Forum Lucerne provides neutral and independent information. Each event is presented as a dialogue between leaders of the business, academic and political worlds. They take place twice annually; in spring and autumn.

The upcoming forum:
A field of tension: The labour market and immigration
14th November 2016 – KKL Lucerne

11.30 Lunch cruise on Lake Lucerne
13.00 Economy symposium
18.45 Public evening event
20.30 VIP Networking

Publicerad: 03 November, 2016