A word with Hans Werner, Swisscom

Hans Werner, Head of Group Human Resources at Swisscom.
Hans Werner, Head of Group Human Resources at Swisscom.
An association often made with the Swiss labour market is a skills shortage. How is this apparent in your line of business?
As Switzerland’s leading ICT-company, Swisscom operates in an extremely dynamic sector. This dynamism particularly affects job profiles and job descriptions within our company, in the sense that requirements are constantly changing.
The skills shortage is especially noticeable where new profiles arise within very short periods and must be sourced from the scarce supply on the labour market.

Digital transformation will become increasingly important. Can the industry meet future demand for workers?
A characteristic of the digital transformation is its very fast pace. We respond to the continuously changing demand for labour on two levels.
On the one hand, it is important to us that our employees grow alongside the digital transformation through continuous skill-based training and maintain their employability.
On the other hand we are very active in the field of vocational training to promote our own talent.

What strategy does Swisscom pursue in order to find the right people?
In addition to the technical prerequisites, it is especially important to us that people feel comfortable with our company culture and can contribute accordingly. That’s why we make sure that we position our culture and values openly and transparently on the labour market and we pay as much attention to this aspect in recruiting as we do to professional expertise.
We can only be successful in the market with employees who wholeheartedly identify with our corporate culture.

Will your industry face particular problems due to the regulation of immigration in Switzerland (before or after the implementation of the immigration initiative)?
Immigration restrictions would significantly limit access to the ICT-labour market as a whole. Even though our focus is the Swiss market, the ICT-sector is highly international and therefore success is dependent on access to the global labour market.

What impact does BREXIT have on your company?
It’s too soon to predict possible implications.

Publicerad: 03 November, 2016