Tokyo 2020 – Opportunities for Swiss companies

Text: Martin Herb and Dominique Ursprung

Photo courtesy of Tokyo 2020
Photo courtesy of Tokyo 2020
The Summer Olympic Games 2020 will be held in Tokyo from July 24 to August 9. They represent the highlight of a series of international events, starting in 2019 with Japan’s presidency of the G-20 and the first Rugby World Cup ever in Asia.

The Olympic Games as a major sports event are expected to stimulate economic activity in Japan, the third-largest economy in the world. The urban Tokyo Olympics are of particular relevance in a country where over 94 percent of the total population of 126.7 million people live in cities – a perfect opportunity for Swiss brands to position or increase their presence in the dynamic capital city of Tokyo.

Boost to Growth
Thanks to more than five years of the relatively successful economic policy known as “Abenomics,” Japan is back on a positive growth path. In 2017, real GDP expanded by 1.7 percent and the upcoming Olympics are expected to have additional benefits, particularly with a sustained increase in tourism as well as higher levels of investment in the construction sector. One example is Swiss building materials company Sika, which is involved in several projects in Tokyo.
Overall, Japan is the sixth-largest market for Swiss merchandise exports with a total of CHF 7,467 million in 2017. Ms. Jacqueline Tschumi, S-GE consultant for Japan, emphasises that Swiss quality products, especially medical devices, pharmaceuticals and machinery, are well-known and in demand in Japan. Switzerland’s role as the third-largest European foreign investor is equally noteworthy, after the Netherlands and France, making up 4.4 percent of all FDI stock, i.e. 11.3 billion CHF in 2017.

House of Switzerland
During the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Switzerland will be represented with its own House of Switzerland, thereby generating visibility for Switzerland through ceremonies and press conferences, as well as providing opportunities for Swiss companies to showcase their products or services.
In Switzerland, the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce will supply a platform for executives to meet the director of the House of Switzerland in Tokyo at the New Year’s reception “Shinnenkai” on January 14, 2019, in Zurich. Beyond that, a joint business seminar with S-GE and Jetro, “Impulse Event: Japan,” will take place on March 7, 2019, in Zurich to showcase different success stories of Swiss companies in Japan. Detailed information is available on

Martin Herb, President Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce.
Martin Herb, President Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce.

Publicerad: 24 October, 2018