Woman at the Top

Text: Catherine Hickley

Yvonne Baumgartner, Head of External Workforce Management at Swisscom AG. Photo: Peter Maurer
Yvonne Baumgartner, Head of External Workforce Management at Swisscom AG. Photo: Peter Maurer
Yvonne Baumgartner is a passionate leader, inspired by continuous learning. In January 2018, she will join Switzerland’s third-largest facility management provider as director of sales and marketing, a position that puts her on the company board.

A leap forward in the top management of Swiss companies. According to Schillingreport 2017, Swiss companies are increasing their gender diversity: more than one-fifth of all new members of the Executive Board are female. Yvonne Baumgartner does not want to be seen as the typical “token woman”, hired to fulfill the diversity quota. She took care of her kids and of her business related responsibilities as a manager and leader. With her new career shift, she wants to inspire other women by showing opportunities and motivate them to take possibilities.

An Investment
Currently employed as Head of External Workforce Management at Swisscom AG, Baumgartner relates her latest career leap in part to the Executive MBA she gained at the ZHAW School of Management and Law in Winterthur. But career enhancement was not the only reason for her to study again. “I was looking for a personal development opportunity that gave me the possibility to keep myself updated on all aspects of international business. It has always been in my nature to never stop education myself,” she said.
Baumgartner initially considered an intensive short business program at Harvard Business School, but then decided to focus more on international business and management. The International EMBA in Winterthur allowed her to continue working full-time. Furthermore, she said she greatly profited from the Leadership Development Program, the lectures on international leadership and management and ethics, as well as the study trips to Shanghai and Riyadh. Baumgartner said: “The International EMBA was a wonderful learning opportunity that enabled me to transfer the theory learnt on the program directly to the workplace.”

Publicerad: 26 October, 2017