A world of opportunities, in an era of change


Andreas Bodenmüller, Head of Marketing, Executive MBA HSG.
Andreas Bodenmüller, Head of Marketing, Executive MBA HSG.
Global business and digitisation provide new opportunities in our era of fast-paced change, but also present new challenges. Operating in such fast and global business environments requires executives to apply general management skills to new contexts.

Broadening horizons
Reaching out beyond the borders of a company’s home country requires executives to adapt to new ways of doing business in different cultures and different markets. A solid managerial skillset and good knowledge of how to conduct business in key regions of the world can make the crucial difference between success and failure.

Local insights, global skills
Andreas Bodenmüller, Head of Marketing & Recruitment at the Executive MBA HSG, one of the leading Executive MBA institutions, says the qualitative, social and cultural aspects of doing business abroad are best learned on site. The Executive MBA HSG of the University of St.Gallen offers programmes that allow managers to acquire truly global management insights by gaining experience on a local level in the world’s key markets – Brazil, South Africa, China, The United Arab Emirates and the USA.
Bodenmüller points to the relevance of local professors and practitioners as well as company visits and case studies that help foster the transfer of theoretical management knowledge into international executive practice.

Digitisation, opportunity and disruptive influence
Digitisation offers new business opportunities and fosters a market speed traditional managerial methods hardly keep up with. Due to its, often disruptive influence, digitisation gets into focus of several subjects taught. Additionally, it is experienced live in the classroom since at the Executive MBA HSG all materials are provided digitally. An innovative customised app allows the exchange of information and gives participants access to their personal cloud.
To support our participants best in keeping up with this rapidly changing environment the Executive MBA HSG also focuses on their personal growth via an individually tailored Personal Development Programme consisting of small group workshops and individual coaching.

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Publicerad: 03 November, 2016