Effective, yet agile leadership


Photo: © Thomas Sent
Photo: © Thomas Sent
How do you improve effectiveness as a leader and deal with the increasing need for agility? – Find answers from academia, business and sports during the Rochester-Bern Leadership Summit in March 2019.

Great leadership is THE success factor in today’s world, be it in business or sports. You must know how to lead yourself and others in order to form effective collaborations and achieve goals.

New Dimension
The reason for the increased importance of leadership lies in the continuous and sometimes fast change, which has become a constant in our lives. Innovation and digitalization are just two important drivers thereof. In this challenging environment, every leader has to find an answer to the question: How do I inspire and guide myself and enable others to discover and grow their potential to become proactive shapers in our rapidly changing globalized business environment?

The Future of Leadership
Above question and many others will be addressed from various perspectives during the upcoming Rochester-Bern Leadership Summit. Inputs from academia, business, and sports, workshops and panel discussions as well as lots of networking and experience sharing will inspire you and help you find solutions. Join our Summit and dive with us into the world of agile leadership in an inspiring surrounding:
• Explore tools and methods to improve efficiency
• Deal successfully with new leadership dimensions and agile environments
• Collaborate on leadership in the context of innovation, virtuality, and millennials
• Learn to apply principles of high level sport in achieving goals and creating a more productive environment
• Network and share your experiences with business leaders and peers from various industries
• Reflect, discuss and raise questions on how to become a new generation of leaders

Rochester-Bern Leadership Summit 2019
Leading Myself & Others in an Agile Environment

March 7–8, 2019
Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa, Interlaken

Target audience: Leaders, managers, directors, founders, entrepreneurs, and interested guests
Program details and registration: www.rochester-bern.ch/summit2019

Publicerad: 24 October, 2018