Executive MBA HSG – More Than Just a Degree

Dr. Markus Seitz, Vice Director Executive MBA HSG.
Dr. Markus Seitz, Vice Director Executive MBA HSG.

In a VUCA world (V=Volatility, U=Uncertainty, C=Complexity, A=Ambiguity) management and leadership are concepts that can less and less be learnt with textbook knowledge or trained with guidance.

In addition to topic-specific modules, the German- and English-speaking ”Executive MBA HSG” programmes at the University of St.Gallen (HSG) stand out thanks to their suitable formats that offer participants various opportunities during their studies to experience more about themselves and their development possibilities: What is my purpose? Where do I want to go? What could assist me on my journey in becoming a more effective manager and a more authentic leader? As a result, our unique Personal Development Programme with its individual and group coaching and vitality management is an integral component of the Executive MBA programme.

Impulses for Development
Through the wide range of offered development courses, participants become much more in touch with themselves. The examination of deep-rooted attitudes provides the first step towards the development of new, strength-based patterns of behaviour. Along the way, the insight into the necessity of personal responsibility is encouraged and the experience of self-effectiveness is increased. Effective managers recognise that their greatest resource is themselves in interaction with their employees. This resource can develop visions, provide impetus, create space to explore creativity and provide orientation. With our Executive MBA programmes, participants not only receive outstanding knowledge, expertise and skills in general management, they also gain stimuli for personal development on their path to becoming effective managers. This makes the Executive MBA at the University of St.Gallen more than just a degree.

University of St.Gallen
The University of St.Gallen’s Executive MBA (EMBA) is the oldest and most successful postgraduate general management degree programme in the German-speaking world. For over 30 years now, international managers have been placing their trust in the expertise and experience of central Europe’s largest business administration faculty.

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Publicerad: 26 October, 2017