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Properties in the best locations. SBB Real Estate.
Properties in the best locations. SBB Real Estate.

SBB’s real estate portfolio comprises around 800 railway stations, 3,500 buildings and 3,600 estates. SBB Real Estate is responsible for managing and developing these properties. It upgrades railway stations to create customer-friendly mobility hubs and transforms the areas around them into service-oriented centres for business and society creating added value for the entire railway system, cities and the public.

Alexander Muhm, Head of Real Estate Development. Photo: Severin Nowacki
Alexander Muhm, Head of Real Estate Development. Photo: Severin Nowacki

What’s special about SBB Real Estate?
As one of Switzerland’s largest real estate companies, SBB has an extremely diverse and comprehensive portfolio of Swiss properties. Its prime location right next to all major stations makes our unique offering stand out. As well as being directly linked to public transport, the sites offer a wide range of potential uses for all sectors. However, as SBB, we are also responsible for developing these central areas and therefore ensure a varied mix of uses, such as offices, homes, educational establishments and health and leisure facilities, to create bust­ling urban districts.

Why should people looking for spaces to rent (companies, agents) and ­investors turn to SBB Real Estate?
We are the first address when it comes to helping companies set up premises in the heart of the city and offer every firm a setting that meets their needs, whether they are a small business, a leading Swiss company or an international corporation. Our ­industrial sites and storage, office and ­service spaces benefit from excellent public transport links, while retail stores and restaurants can enjoy unique locations with a high footfall, making them popular places to work and meet up. As lively hubs of the urban scene, they also attract plenty of visitors who come to shop or spend time in the stores and restaurants.

What is SBB Real Estate’s biggest ­advantage?
All of SBB’s sites have their own identity according to their regional location. We also work closely with future tenants when we develop our real estate, making it ­possible to plan and fit out the spaces with the tenant’s needs and uses in mind, so that they really are tailor-made.

SBB Real Estate:
Much more than just trains: SBB is not only Switzerland’s largest transport enterprise, but also one of the country’s biggest real estate ­companies. SBB Real Estate develops Swiss stations and adjacent sites to make them ­attractive all-round service centres – using sustainable development in mind – leveraging our role in shaping Switzerland’s future landscape.
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